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Anito Legends, A Proudly-Pinoy NFT Game Is Now Available On Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android

We all know that Axie Infinity is one of the most, – if not, THE MOST – popular NFT games in the Philippines. However, given the state of crypto (SLP), it looks like there’s enough room for one more game. Dito na papasok ang Anito Legends, an NFT game with collectible characters that strongly represent Filipino folklore.

Character Collectibles

There are four types of characters in the game: Kiwig, Sarangay, Siyokoy, and Tikbalang. Each Filipino folklore creature-inspired gacha has a specialty, ie. Siyokoys have high damage output which makes them good finishers, and Tikbalangs have high defense stats that make them suitable for absorbing damage.

Game Modes

There are two game modes available: Tower mode and Arena mode. The tower mode lets you play against AI, while the Arena mode allows you to deploy your Anitos in battle against other players. The first to move depends on the highest stats available: Siyokoys or Kiwigs with high damage stats will usually attack first.

The Tower mode resembles dungeon-crawler games with stylized tiles or boxes. To progress through a level, players will have to fight their way through enemies in every floor. There’s a boss, too, which drop $LARO tokens that can be used to purchase additional ANITO Legends content from the in-app store. The bosses sometimes drop NFT weapons which will give a boost to Anitos’ stats.


For a more detailed description of the $LARO tokens, click here.

The people behind Anito Legends is the MASAYATO Games. This isn’t the first time the team behind Anito Legends have made a mobile game. They’ve developed highly-successful apps that caught media attention. James Chua, the CEO, and Jed Cruz, Chief Creative Officer, made a game called Vote Clicker which was inspired by the 2016 elections.

For more information about Anito Legends, visit their website here. All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

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