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Google Event Reveals Exciting New Maps Feature, Software Updates, and More

Google maps is an extremely useful app para sa mga travellers, and it has been providing people information about their location (or of another location).

This time, they’re adding new features that will give the user an experience of what it’s really like being in another place. This new feature – the immersive view – gives viewers a wider view of a location, whether this is a city, a restaurant, or inside a building.

This is achieved thanks to the combination of advanced software and satellite imagery that are readily accessible to the company. 

The features were unveiled in Google’s I/O event, where they also teased information about  the new Google phones and a smartwatch. The event also showed audiences the updates for Google Assistant, and several new features for the Google WorkSpace.

Here’s some lesser known facts about Google Maps

  • Google Maps has over 106 million downloads all over the world, 
  • Pinakasikat ito sa US, in terms of the most popular and most used map app.
  • There’s a limit to how many times you can use Google Maps – your are limited to 1000 requests.
  • You can use maps offline by downloading sections of the map.
  • About five million websites rely on Google map for location services.
  • Google Maps uses 21 petabytes (21,000 Terabytes) of data sets to provide information about locations.

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