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Here’s Why BRAVE Browser is Better

Today, Brave Browser introduced a new feature to bypass Google’s AMP framework.

Alam naman ng marami na ang default browser natin sa Android or Windows is Google Chrome. But lately, the internet browser has been causing problems for some PC users, usually because the software is eating up too much RAM resource.

But we’re not going to talk about RAM resource, or a faster browser. We’re going to talk about Brave browser. 

Brave. The secure browser. Sabi nila.

Ang Brave browser ay isang chromium-based internet browser available for iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS. This browser specializes in blocking out cookies, trackers, at lahat ng malicious software na madalas lumulusot sa Google chrome.

But security isn’t the focus here. Today, Brave Browser introduced a new feature to bypass Google’s AMP framework. Sounds a mouthful, pero basically, may feature na ang browser para idirect ang user sa mismong website, at hindi “fake” page.

Google AMP. Hindi yung amp na iniisip mo.

Google’s  AMP framework allows users to view pages faster, but the disadvantage is that Google redirects the user away from the direct source material, albeit at a faster speed. AMP is short for Accelerated Mobile Pages, and it is stored in Google’s servers.

It’s advantageous for anyone who wants to search for information on the web and get results faster, pero na-criticize na ang Google for making a monopoly on the nature and flow of information.

Kaya pag gusto mo mag search ng information without being tracked, you can use Brave search instead of the default Google search. The new feature on Brave will rewrite links para hindi default Google AMP page ang maloload. If this is not possible, Brave will try to redirect the user away from the page even before mag load sya fully on their devices.

For more information about the Brave browser, click here

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