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Instagram is the Newest Platform For NFTs

Instagram is an app where people post pictures of their lives, their pets, foods, and basically any other aspect of their lives that the Internet gets to keep forever. The simplicity of uploading photos with 1:1 image ratios is what makes the app aesthetically attractive. In fact, some artists use the app as a platform to showcase their artwork.

This time, the app is now testing it as a platform for NFTs.

Here’s a tweet from Adam Mosseri:

With  this update, mas maraming artists and digital artists ang ma-eennganyo to make collectibles, giving them due credit for their work, while earning from it.

Instagram will also be including several features such as cryptocurrency wallet linking, and a feature that will bring the collector straight to the creators profile.

The company behind Instagram, currently Meta, is allowing several types of crypto on the platform: Flow, Etherium, and Polygon, just to name a few.

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