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Loren Legarda Proposes “One Tablet, One Student” in the Philippines

Senator Loren Legarda pushed a bill for a one tablet for every student bill.

The House Bill 10405, otherwise known as One Tablet, One Student Act of 2021 aims to provide ALL students, regardless of their academic level, with a “personal learning gadget.” 

As to how this bill will be enacted, the Senator says a budget of PHP8 billion should be allotted. The Senator has urged both Houses, and if the bill is passed, it will greatly help students in public schools, as well as private, to adapt to the e-learning scenario brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

An assessment done by the Department of Education revealed that a school in Antique has a roster of 30,000 students that do not have the right tech equipment for e-learning. Addressing this alone would cost a PHP 120 million, assuming each tablet cost around PHP4000.

While it’s been hinted for long that the Philippines is almost ready to start face-to-face classes, the threat of the coronavirus is still present. The risk for transmitting the virus is still a concern among people, specially the DOH, kaya naman the House Bill is being pushed by Senator Legarda. 

While there’s no major news about tablets being distributed to all students in the Philippines, South Cotabato students received devices para matulungan ang kanilang studies. The budget was PHP17 million taken out of the PHP52 million allocated budget for education in the area.

Watch the video here:

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