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Netflix will Offer almost 50 Games by the End of 2022

Netflix might be offering almost 50 games as part of its subscription by the end of 2022 said anonymous source told the Washington Post, the company is looking to explore and extend what they offer.

Photo from IGN

Netflix might be sticking to mobile platforms at the beginning. The users of netflix have access to 18 current games at the time being so they plan to release over 30 games by the end of the year. What do you think about the new direction that netflix is deciding to explore?

Netflix is also providing the game development capacity towards mobile platforms. We can expect Netflix to adapt in existing games that has TV Shows such as, The Witcher, Catlevania, League of Legends, Cuphead.

Netflix’s goal said the Washington Post’s report is to “build out a games business that can create synergy between what people watch and what they’re playing.”

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