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Piso Promo From Dito Until March 31


DITO network subscribers will be able to purchase 1GB of data for only 1 peso, and the promo will last from March 27 to March 31. Meron pang two days ang mga DITO users to avail of the promo. In fact, the telecom announced that users will be able to avail of said promo at a maximum of 5 times.'s Piso Promo valid until March 30 only’s Piso Promo valid Until March 30 only

To avail of this promo, users have to login to their DITO app and purchase data as they normally would. They should only be charged 1 peso for the specific 1 day all-access data.

DITO, previously known as Mindanao Islamic Telephone company, is a telecommunications company that began operations in the late 90’s, and bid to be the third major telecom provider in the country.

Since its rebrand in 2019, a majority of Filipinos have subscribed to the network due to attractive promo deals. Although the company struggled with its stocks the previous years, the company still continues to have a strong user base because of the popularity of the promos and better mobile data speeds.

Ano pang hinihintay niyo? Subscribe to DITO’s piso promo!

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