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Three New Titles From Kingdom Hearts In Development From Square Enix

Square Enix, in partnership with Disney, announced that they’ll be making the fourth installment of Kingdom Hearts. Along with Kingdom Hearts IV, gagawa na rin sila ng mobile game – KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link.

The third title will be available this August, named Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road.

In this fourth installment, the game’s protagonist, Sora, will be receiving a visual upgrade. Our dear Sora has always been known with his spiky hair, a huge key for a weapon, and his rebellious clothes.

Sora with his Heartless-smasher Keyblade

Sora will still have Donald Duck and Goofy as his trusty companions, as well as a third character named Strelitzia.

For avid gamers of the series, they will get to experience a new realm: Scala ad Caelum. Scala ad Caelum actually contains Daybreak town, which was the leftover after the Keyblade Wars.

Scala ad Caelum will be in Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link which will be playable from both iOS and Android devices.

Nabanggit ng game Walt Disney games na “just the beginning” at meron pang mga idadagdag sa storyline, as well as new game elements,

Players can expect Heartless-smashing and fast-paced action, coupled with improved graphics and new story elements. More details on the much-beloved game here.

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