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Xbox Releases “Shocking” Pink Console

Ever since Xbox’s genius of putting 40,000 Xbox button symbols on the controller, people have been paying attention to the brand. Now, Filipinos might actually give the Xbox more attention thanks to their latest color variety on their controller: pink. 

Very timely, Xbox. Very timely.

Here’s the Facebook post: 

In the post, Xbox says: “Pink is a whole vibe.” The controller is code-named “Deep Pink.” 

It’s the latest among their pastel-colored releases for 2022. We think these color palettes are being marketed towards female gamers (we know, sexist), pero these colors otherwise have a calming effect. Kaya mababawasan siguro ang raging during games, if the color psychology works.

This isn’t the first time Xbox released different color varieties for their controllers. They’ve been doing this since for quite a while, sometimes collaborating with other techbrands to release limited edition controllers that appeal to a specific audience, or usually something that would relate to a trending game on their platform, or something else entirely.

Xbox collaborates with Razer in making a controller with the latter brand’s color palette.

Hindi rin umiiwas ang Xbox in making controllers that are out-of-this-world. Just check this for example: 

Fuzzy controllers, anyone?

Would you like your political inclinations printed on a game controller? Xbox is open to all kinds of creative suggestions, so send them your ideas!

To buy Deep Pink from Xbox, check this link for more details.

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