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Youtube Vanced Pinatay in Advance


Something along the lines of “All good things come to an end” ang sinabi ng Google Legal team to the company behind Vanced, a Youtube-alternative app na nag-bablock ng ads at pwedeng mag play ng videos kahit hindi active sa display ang app.

In a tweet, the Vanced team announced they will stop the support for the app. ‘Eto yung tweet:

Paalam, Vanced

Gagana pa rin naman ang Vanced for those people who have installed the current versions. Pero sabi nga nila, in two or three years time, hindi na gagana ang app dahil wala na itong makukuhang updates.

Vance is just one of the many third-party apps that have been shut down by Google’s legal team. At dahil dito, we lose another source of ad-free entertainment.

Nag promote na rin ang Vanced na gamiting ng mga users ang Youtube Premium.

Isa lang ang Vanced para sa mga “modded” applications na kaya mag block sa Youtube ads, and other functionalities like the ability to play music in the background. Sadly, most of these apps are not going to last soon.

Another example of an app like Vance is Newpipe. Pero Vanced has the highest user base kaya naman malaking kawalan ito for those who have been using the app for a long time.

In addition to Newpipe, other forms of streaming that have been taken down by Google’s legal team include the Discord bots for music (Rhythm and Groovy), at pinalitan na ito ng Youtube integration.

Sabi nga nila, wala na talagang libre, kaya all we can do is wait for whatever comes next for third-party apps.

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